Purpose and Goal

This congregation is built on the only foundation and cornerstone Jesus Christ according to

1 Corinthians 3:11.

This congregation strives to be the New Testament Apostolic Church, a congregation of true believers who have become children of God through conversion and rebirth.

This congregation attempts to bring the gospel to the spiritually lost and nurture the Christian faith of believers.

This congregation encourages its member to serve Christ as Saviour and Lord.


If you are interested in viewing a Tofield Mennonite Church History Book, please visit the Tofield Community Church library.

The church in 1987, our 50th year anniversary:

Church in 1987

The church in June 2004, just before demolition:

Church  in 2004

The Fellowship Hall up to 2006:

Fellowship Hall in 2006

Artistic plans for the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary:

Artistic plans for the Fellowship Hall