Welcome to Tofield Community Church


We look forward to seeing you all in person as we praise the Lord each Sunday with our fellowship.

We will continue to live stream the morning service beginning at 10:30am and all services will continue to be posted online on our YouTube channel.

Geocaching Event

We are hiding a geocache somewhere in Tofield each Friday for 4 weeks, until August 13. Go to www.geocaching.com to download the app, sign up, and begin hunting!

Tithes and Offerings Options

  • e-transfer: offering@tofieldchurch.com

  • Mail to: Tofield Community Church Treasurer, Box 598, Tofield AB, T0B 4J0

  • TCC office: Sunday-Thursday 8am-noon

Thank you for your generosity as we are still faced with the day-to-day operating expenses.

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